Update: 24 May 2017

For the past number of years we had been meeting over a meal in small groups at different locations. Most recently we have just concluded going through ten instalments of the program The Story of God developed by Ceasar Malinowski with all the small groups meeting together.

Our current mid-week meetings will be varied throughout the month. However, we will be meeting as a whole church family the first Wednesday of every month in the church hall for a meal and fellowship all together. The remaining Wednesdays in the month there will be meetings upstairs in the Linden Room. We are in a transitional stage where there will be other opportunities for discipleship and fellowship in the near future. Further details to come!



Small Groups and Missional Communities

We have a number of mid-week groups which have a variety of missional focuses.


Minster Cell

The cell meets upstairs in the church on Wednesday evenings at 7:30pm. Firstly, we eat a simple meal of soup and bread, with fruit for desert, around a large table in the ‘Linden Room’. We then spend some time in worship and studying the Bible, after which we split into smaller groups to support and pray for each other. The Minster cell is also generally responsible for outreach in the local community.

The Hub

The Hub consists of St Luke’s young adults (i.e. post-grad students, young professionals etc). Our vision is that we are a collective group of smaller missional communities (the spokes!) that come together at regular intervals to meet, laugh, learn, pray and encourage each other as we look to serve the communities God has placed on our hearts.

We usually meet over a meal in a member’s home, every Wednesday at 7.30pm. This is followed by a Bible study, discussion of how to apply this to our lives day to day, and prayer, both for each other and the wider community.


See our Students page for info on what they get up to on a Wednesday evening…


We are in the process of growing more missional communities, more details of these as they emerge and blossom!

Anyone is welcome to come along and join in!